November 16, 2009




Rule 35

November 16, 2009

35 : Just Because You Purchase Something Does Not Mean You Have To Drink It!

Dear friend KT bought a soy chai latte for me on Saturday morning at a workshop/lecture… LOW AND BEHOLD… NO SOY MILK! Firk! And in my hungover state my critical thinking skills had been misplaced. I said non-fat milk was ok.
Problem: I am allergic to milk. Not volently, but I get hives, runny nose, scratchy throat, the appearance of having the flu on sorts.
Problem #2 : I drank the damn thing! Double Firk!

Rule 34

October 23, 2009

34 : Never cough with Rooster Sauce in your mouth.

Sometimes when coughing things tend to jet up into the nasal cavity via the throat. Sriracha in the nose HURTS! BAD! Today my lunch consisted of Tomato Head hummus with wheat bread and a little side of sriracha. Took a bite. Chewed. Coughed. OUCH!

Rule 33

October 20, 2009

33 : Always watch your iPhone at parties, even your own party.

Mine was stolen last Friday from my house during a party we were throwing. :( Sketchballs! And no, if I had insurance it would not have covered it.

Rule 32

October 2, 2009

32 : NEVER get drunk and tell anyone that again! (the george bush stuff)

Rule 31

August 15, 2009

31 : Don’t Let Anyone Fall On Your Leg

Rule 30

August 10, 2009

30 : Seek out the perfect pair of jeans!

Though I don’t wear jeans often, I do value the perfect pair. Mine are the “Straight” jeans from the gap in the indigo wash. They are my favorite of all time. And in the fashion of finding the perfect pair check out the Perks of Being a J.A.P. and her Born To Fit party!

Rule 29

July 28, 2009

29 : Give Your Family Time to Mean Something to You
My mom after 26 years finally respects me as the individual person I am. It might be the most wonderful feeling ever to know you are loved and respected by more than just yourself!

Rule 28

July 27, 2009

28 : Wal-Mart Lingerie is Good for Something!


Rule 27

July 16, 2009

27 : Embrace Bad Karma
Bad karma goes right along with bad mistakes. Pay the price for the bad mistake you made. Learn not to make that mistake again! The bad karma will pass. Start buying yourself good karma! Baby steps!!! It my case I’ve made several months of bad mistakes. Good isn’t going to come my way for a little bit!